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  • Scale and Grid for Box City

    FAQ specific to The Scale and the Grid in Box City

    The Scale of the Buildings

    The grid that has been available from CUBE in the past has been replaced by a graphic in your copy of Box City.  See page 120 (or on either side of that page depending on the printing date of your curriculum.)

    The dashed line on that page is equal to one lot when blown up to 1/8” scale, the scale that city planners and architects use for one lot.  It is approximately 60 ft.There is other scale information on that page.  Great for math problems!  There are 4 lots on a street.  The alleys are 16’ and the street is 40’.  You will find more information on scale on p 21 and 22 and on page 43, Base Model Plan.

    The Grid and possible ways to do it is discussed in detail p. 19,20,21 in the curriculum.


    In response to a number of Box City users, we have created a list of topics which you might consider as “getting started” or overview topics.  Page numbers may differ due to the various numbers of  printings that have occurred.  Usually you will find the topic you are seeking in the general area of the given page number. The Addendum which occurs at the end of the Box City on-line begins a new sequence of page numbers and will be designated 20A.

    Quick Start: A Limited Number of Lesson Plans to Get You Started

    Topic Name

    Page Number

    How to Use Box City

    IX (Forward)

    What is Box City?




    A Perspective on Assessment




    Base Model Plan


    Bill of Rights for Kids


    Lot Size and Scale

    The Scale of the Buildings

    119,120, 121,122

    Abbreviated Instructions for Leader


    Diverse Groups Utilize ox City


    Model for Statewide Dissemination




    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Grid

    19, 20, 21 A

    Box City and Beyond


    At the web site is a Section called The Scrapbook which features the many different ways that schools and organizations have used Box City for classrooms and for community events.

    ORDERING BOX CITY - In order to fill your Box City orders more efficiently, we have made some changes at CUBE and archiSources.

    The Box City curriculum download is available from Kirk Gastinger by Emailing

    The boxes can be ordered directly from the Box Company by calling or Emailing Keith Kaduce at the box company: (816) 474-4633 or Emailing

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