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  • Austin College Box City

    An interview with Julia Shahid, presenter for
    Thinking Camp

    Contact: Dr. Julia Shahid, Associate Professor of Education, Austin College;
    Julia has used the CUBE materials for over 20 years in her many roles: Classroom teacher, curriculum director and principal.  

    I am just finishing up with a summer camp on the
    built environment. I have been directing 7
    graduate students as they have taught a unit
    using both Box City and Walk Around the Block as
    resources. Yesterday we finished up the cities and
    are thrilled with the results. We had the director of
    public works from the city of Sherman come in for
    2 days to provide feedback to the students and to
    help them with their thinking. It was pure magic.
    The unit has been a huge success. I am going to
    attach the unit planthat I developed for the unit. 

    The Built Environment, Then and Now-EXTRA.pdf 

    The camp was 2 weeks long and ran from 8:30-12
    each day. I will also attach pics of the cities. We
    had students from 1st to 5th grade in the camp. We
    do have a photo release for all of the students. I
    have many daily pics at dropbox if you have any