• There is more to/than Box City at CUBE

    For those implementing Box City, some hints:

    Supply ideas for boxes and Festivals can be found on page 32. This will help you get started!

    Also, pages 122,123 have good insights for creating a scale to your 'Box City Neighborhoods'.

    And, in addition to Box City, there are several Lesson Plans for you to download from our Website. See Lesson Plans page. 

    And, you can support CUBE through the Network for Good on our Support Page. 

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  • Scale and Grid for Box City

    FAQ specific to The Scale and the Grid in Box City

    The Scale of the Buildings

    The grid that has been available from CUBE in the past has been replaced by a graphic in your copy of Box City.  See page 120 (or on either side of that page depending on the printing date of your curriculum.)

    The dashed line on that page is equal to one lot when blown up to 1/8” scale, the scale that city planners and architects use for one lot.  It is approximately 60 ft.There is other scale information on that page.  Great for math problems!  There are 4 lots on a street.  The alleys are 16’ and the street is 40’.  You will find more information on scale on p 21 and 22 and on page 43, Base Model Plan.

    The Grid and possible ways to do it is discussed in detail p. 19,20,21 in the curriculum.


    In response to a number of Box City users, we have created a list of topics which you might consider as “getting started” or overview topics.  Page numbers may differ due to the various numbers of  printings that have occurred.  Usually you will find the topic you are seeking in the general area of the given page number. The Addendum which occurs at the end of the Box City on-line begins a new sequence of page numbers and will be designated 20A.

    Quick Start: A Limited Number of Lesson Plans to Get You Started

    Topic Name

    Page Number

    How to Use Box City

    IX (Forward)

    What is Box City?




    A Perspective on Assessment




    Base Model Plan


    Bill of Rights for Kids


    Lot Size and Scale

    The Scale of the Buildings

    119,120, 121,122

    Abbreviated Instructions for Leader


    Diverse Groups Utilize ox City


    Model for Statewide Dissemination




    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Grid

    19, 20, 21 A

    Box City and Beyond


    At the web site is a Section called The Scrapbook which features the many different ways that schools and organizations have used Box City for classrooms and for community events.

    ORDERING BOX CITY - In order to fill your Box City orders more efficiently, we have made some changes at CUBE and archiSources.

    The Box City curriculum download is available from Kirk Gastinger by Emailing

    The boxes can be ordered directly from the Box Company by calling or Emailing Keith Kaduce at the box company: (816) 474-4633 or Emailing

    Want to talk to a real person who has done Box City and is familiar with the curriculum?

  • CUBE Curricula - 45 Years in the making

    Box City Curriculum - Yours to implement!

    The curricula has been proven to give teachers the tools needed to teach the value of the built environment to children of all ages. This year, we want to amp up the opportunities for you to share in this great program.

    Just get in touch with us and we will facilitate getting you the curricula - free of charge.

    If you would like to supplement the Box City curricula with Boxes, you can order them from Keith Kaduce as indicated on the ArchiStore/ArchiSources page.

  • Idea Starter / Collage City


    Collage and The City fit together as seen by this student display in the San Francisco Hotel Lobby. The approximately 3 feet tall mural type collage explores the shape of the area, important transportation system hubs, and color key.  Not only does this give favorable publicity to the school and school system, but their work is seen by a far greater audience than a student show normally offers. A great multiplier effect.
    Resource: Stanford Court Hotel, call 1-800-238-0767, San Francisco
    *Idea Starters are not meant as entire Lesson Plans but to stimulate your thinking out of the box or creating an idea using your own facilities: maps, landmarks, land use codes.  
    Let us feature your idea starter on the CUBE web site:
    Send to Kirk Gastinger

  • Ecoff Elementary builds Box City!
    Good afternoon Ginny!
    Thank you so much for talking with me in back in January about the project I was doing with a third grade class at Ecoff Elementary School in Chesterfield, Virginia, in February 2014. 
    Your suggestions were very helpful!
    So helpful in fact,  I am pleased to report that our project was a success!  It was an excellent hands-on experience for the students and we were able to discuss architecture, development, economics, politics, community, geography, environment and planning.
    Ms. Jane Buikema, their teacher, and the students were very pleased with the outcome.  In fact, as I’ve been back out to the school for other reasons, the students ask me when we are going to do something more.  (Any ideas you have would be great! J)
    I’ve attached a few pictures for you.  Please feel free to share these with others involved with Center for Understanding the Built Environment.  If you do post these, please let me know so Ms. Buikema can share the news with her class.
    Again, thank you for your assistance. 
    Darla Orr
    Planning & Special Projects Manager
    Chesterfield County Planning Department
  • Austin College Box City

    An interview with Julia Shahid, presenter for
    Thinking Camp

    Contact: Dr. Julia Shahid, Associate Professor of Education, Austin College;
    Julia has used the CUBE materials for over 20 years in her many roles: Classroom teacher, curriculum director and principal.  

    I am just finishing up with a summer camp on the
    built environment. I have been directing 7
    graduate students as they have taught a unit
    using both Box City and Walk Around the Block as
    resources. Yesterday we finished up the cities and
    are thrilled with the results. We had the director of
    public works from the city of Sherman come in for
    2 days to provide feedback to the students and to
    help them with their thinking. It was pure magic.
    The unit has been a huge success. I am going to
    attach the unit planthat I developed for the unit. 

    The Built Environment, Then and Now-EXTRA.pdf 

    The camp was 2 weeks long and ran from 8:30-12
    each day. I will also attach pics of the cities. We
    had students from 1st to 5th grade in the camp. We
    do have a photo release for all of the students. I
    have many daily pics at dropbox if you have any



  • ABX - ABXity!

     Learning by Design, Mass. created a great city last month at the Architecture Trade show ABX (called ABXity!). We Had a great time with the boxes!  We are doing a gingerbread family design day and the gable boxes would be perfect!  CUBE has had a long association with Learning by Design. For East Coasters, a good opportunity to watch a Box City in action if you are looking for training.

    Contact Polly Carpenter / p: 617.391-4023 c: 617.461.1168 /

    Prairie School Does it Again! Another Great Box City

    "This is always the highlight of the third grade year!" reports Donna O'Neal, Prairie Village educator, whose third graders cleverly named their town: Boxton. Contact: